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  Batteries #1.JPG - I took two old    Power-Sonic PS-12180-NB    batteries that used to be in a UPS, stacked them on top of one another wired them in parallel.  Although these are NON-flame-retardant batts, they are exactly the same size as the    EnerSys DataSafe NPX    ones in my 1430 power pack.  Future versions of the 1300 pack will include the DataSafes instead of the Power-Sonics...  The batteries barely fit in the case, but there was still room around them to fit two USB charging ports (left) and two DC jacks (right).  See the following pictures. It won't have a PWRGAte, RIGRunner, or any other bells or whistles like my 1430 pack -- but it will be a compact and relatively inexpensive 36AH battery pack.  Unfortunately, unlike my other power packs, the 1300 Power Pack is NOT buoyant.  It weighs about 30lbs...  
Batteries #2
USB charger
USB charging jacks
DC jacks - inside
DC jacks - outside #1

Batteries #1
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