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  Battery Switch.JPG - After much research, I finally found the    right switch   . When the switch is turned to "1", the internal battery will be connected to the booster, bumping the ~12V up to about ~14V, triggering the PWRgate charger to charge an external battery.  This "mobile mode" works great if you are out in the field with the pack and want to charge up a smaller pack, but you're away from an external AC / DC charging source. When the switch is flipped to "2", the charger will charge the internal battery -- and / or an external battery.  I call this "normal mode", because this will be its setting 90%+ of the time when the pack is being used.  When the switch is at the "OFF" position, the internal battery will be completely bypassed / disconnected and the pack will take an AC / DC source from one end of the pack, make sure its voltage is high enough to provide a charge, and charge an external battery.  It will be also be switched off when the pack is not used -- such as when it's in transit or storage.  In order to allow the pack to be completely disabled, I've also added a booster switch and thermal circuit breaker that you can lock away from prying fingers.  
front view
lid #1
lid #2
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volt meter & DualBus

Battery Switch
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