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1150 Radio + Packet Pack
  3q profile with console.jpg - Please see the list below for a description of the numbered items in the picture. 1)    Comet SBB-1 antenna   .  See the link to the left or the pictures at the bottom of the page for a better view.  2)    Orion OD8015-12HB    80x80x15mm fan.  So far, it hasn't seemed to get hot enough inside to need the fan -- but it stays on the entire time I use the pack because I'm not taking any chances with about $1,000 worth of equipment...  I bought it at Norvac Electronics in Eugene. 3) Microphone... 4)    Zip-Linq CAT6 retractable network cable   .  Don't get the thinner retractable cables; they either won't work well, or at all.  5)    Bulgin PX0833    CAT5e shielded coupler (mic jack).  This is a very high quality and expensive ($30+) coupler.  As with the other Bulgin bulkheads I used on this mod, it's completely waterproof (IP68) when sealed by its cap.  Don't bother with the cheaper couplers sold by Amphenol and others that use a flimsy PCB on the inside. 6)    Kenwood TM-D710A    console.  The pic shows APRS on the left and a local packet frequency on the right. 7)     Bulgin PX0833    CAT5e shielded coupler (console jack). 8)    Bulgin PX0802    panel mount connector that houses the    Anderson PowerPoles    that pass power to the case.  Directly connected to the PowerPoles is a    DC noise filter    (black sphere on the far right, over the console).  That is attached to a    5ft cigarette lighter adapter    (not shown), which is plugged into one of my truck's DC sockets.  
Full inside view
Lid close up
KPC3, etc. close up
Modified PS-4 #1
Modified PS-4 #2

3q profile with console
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