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1150 Radio + Packet Pack
3q profile with console
Full inside view
Lid close up
  KPC3, etc. close up.JPG - Here I pulled up the radio so you can see the goodies.  It may look like a mess, but every cable and connector is customized and placed precisely where it needs to be.  Despite the cramped quarters, the radio, KPC3 and USB charger are all fused separately. 1)    Right-angle metal D-sub hood kit    (modified to 180 degrees); the cable runs along the side of the case to the D710A's DIN6 port (#13).  See "Modified KPC3 to Kenwood adapter", three pictures down.  2) ATS in-line blade fuse holder for D710A.  I got it at Norvac. 3) Snap-lock glass fuse holder for I-XT 12V to 5V USB charger.  Also at Norvac. 4) Another    right-angle metal D-sub hood    for the serial cable that runs to the    Serial 3X    bluetooth adapter. 5)    Bulgin PX0802    panel mount connector (PowerPole jack).  6) Snap-lock glass fuse holder for KPC3. 7) Customized    Red-Dee-2 PS-4    PowerPole splitter.  Sorry, only the top is visible here.  See pictures below. 8)     Kantronics KPC3 Plus    Packet Communicator.  'Nuff said for the EmComm folks. 9) USB charging cable for the    Serial 3X    bluetooth adapter (see blue shrink tube on black cable in upper left of pic). 10) USB charging cable for the    GlobalSat BT-359W    bluetooth GPS (see green shrink tube in upper right). 11)    Bulgin PX0802    panel mount connector (antenna jack).  12) Customized I-XT dual USB charger. 13) KPC3 to D710A cable (originates at #1). 14) D710A bracket.  Industrial velcro on the bottom and silicone heat pad on the top seem to provide adequate space, cushioning and heat protection between the radio and modem.  Tests are ongoing...  
Modified PS-4 #1
Modified PS-4 #2
Modified KPC3 to Kenwood adapter
Console and PowerPole jacks
Modified PowerPole #1

KPC3, etc. close up
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