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KPC3, etc. close up
Modified PS-4 #1
Modified PS-4 #2
Modified KPC3 to Kenwood adapter
Console and PowerPole jacks
  Modified PowerPole #1.jpg - After messing with messy, ineffective sealants, I discovered that the PowerPoles fit perfectly inside a    Bulgin SA3230    screw terminal insert, after I cut the PowerPoles short and Dremeled them down a little.  I simply popped out the pins from the insert, expanded the holes for the positive / negative cords, and lined up the groove on the side of the red PowerPole to match up with the key running down the side of the insert. I also replaced the    Bulgin sealing cap    cords with stronger monofilament (bought at Wal-Mart) that won't snip off so easily.  
Modified PowerPole #2
Modified PowerPole #3
Antenna jack
Comet SBB-1 antenna
Packed up

Modified PowerPole #1
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