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Modified PowerPole #1
Modified PowerPole #2
Modified PowerPole #3
Antenna jack
Comet SBB-1 antenna
  Packed up.jpg - Everything fits in a small shoulder bag and little yellow     Pelican 1050 case   .   The little case contains the D710A console,    Greenlight Labs GPS-710    and    Zip-Linq CAT6 retractable network cable   . I prefer this setup over my other radio pack that included the console, etc. because it's easier to separate and secure the key parts.  Without the console, the radio is useless -- and vice versa.  Also, it's a lot smaller and lighter without the internal battery... The yellow disc hanging off the bag is a very bright, functional and nearly indestructible    LED PowerFlare    used by military, police, aviation and public safety groups.  It can even flash "SOS" in Morse code.  :) In the zippered pockets (not shown) is the    5ft cigarette lighter adapter   , fuses, spare serial cable, bluetooth adapter / software,    DC noise filter   , compact repeater directory, etc..   Also stuffed in the bag are small, laminated versions of the    Lane County ARES / RACES frequency chart   ,    packet frequencies   , and a    Nifty! D710A guide   .   

Packed up
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