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AC input & output cords
Output side with AC cable
  AC & DC inputs.jpg - Actually, when the pack is powered by AC, the DC jack on this side of the case is an unfused output.  The    Red-Dee-2 PS-4    makes that possible by tapping into the output line from the    Samlex SEC-1235    AC to DC power supply, leading to the input of the PWRgate battery charger. When AC is disconnected, the DC jack drops to about 0.12V and is ready to accept power.  The PWRgate can't tell the difference between the internal power supply and an external DC source... BTW, I've since replaced the female AC input bulkhead with a male one -- so there's no chance of getting shocked by touching the end of the custom AC input cable.  
Input side 3q profile close up
Input side 3q profile close up - NEW
Top & bottom close up
Top & bottom close up - NEW

AC & DC inputs
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