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AC input & output cords
Output side with AC cable
AC & DC inputs
Input side 3q profile close up
Input side 3q profile close up - NEW
  Top & bottom close up.jpg - Everything is visible here.  The power cord hanging down between the PWRgate and RIGrunner is draped behind the polycarbonate backplate and exits on the right of the RIGrunner.  To charge an external battery with the PWRgate, you just disconnect the internal battery, plug the hanging cord into it and plug the other side into the cable going to the PowerPole bulkhead on the far right. You can charge an external battery from either PowerPole bulkhead without swapping cables; however, without using the PWRgate the charge will be unregulated.  Not recommended... The thin power cords hanging down over the inverter are going to a modified 12V to 5V USB adapter that provides the backlight for the white digital thermometer in the upper left.  The thermometer has an internal watch battery, but its blue backlight is very cool.  :-)  It also has a temperature probe (red / white cable on the left side of the RIGrunner).  Pretty nice for only $7.  Sadly, the thermometer is EOL now -- no longer available. I have since eliminated the 12V to 5V adapter and replaced the    RIGrunner 4005    with a 4004U that has two integrated 5V USB power jacks.  See the next pic.  After starting to build a battery sled that I could easily slide out of the pack, I soon discovered a simple solution: a ballistic nylon strap and furniture sliders on each side.  
Top & bottom close up - NEW
Hanging #1
Hanging #2
Hanging #3

Top & bottom close up
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