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Modified PS-4 #2
Modified PS-4 #3
Modified PS-4 #4
12V to 5V adapter
Modified KPC3 to Kenwood adapter
  SO239 bulkhead #1.JPG - Here's a UHF female-to-female (SO239) antenna adapter screwed into an IP68-rated (waterproof)    Bulgin PX0802    panel mount connector.  See it installed, below. I added an internal o-ring, Dremeled the points down on each SO239 nut (12 points total), placed them on the inside part of each side of the panel mount connector, put RTV silicone around both insides, wrapped Teflon tape around the SO239 "bolt" and screwed it through the panel mount connector.  It was a bit of a process, but I'm really happy with the result.  Due to the inherently slick nature of the rubber o-rings, plastic and Teflon, the UHF adapter will likely twist in the connector with the torque of a PL259 and cable attached.  However, there should be   zero   axial movement.  $14.95   
SO239 bulkhead #2
SO239 bulkhead #3
Antenna jack
N Female bulkhead
Solar SUV #1

SO239 bulkhead #1
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