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SO239 bulkhead #1
SO239 bulkhead #2
SO239 bulkhead #3
Antenna jack
N Female bulkhead
  Solar SUV #1.JPG - I've built versatile battery packs for years, so I figured it was time to investigate alternate ways of charging them.  Living in Oregon, I was very skeptical at first that a solar panel would be any good -- especially in winter.  After more consideration, I decided that I was thinking about it the wrong way. Solar shouldn't be dismissed just because it may be less efficient and more expensive than conventional sources of power.  Unfortunately, many people assume that they will always be able to plug into a wall socket somewhere.  Good luck with that when the power goes out during an emergency, or if you simply want to go camping off the beaten trail. As I mentioned in my    1150 Radio + Packet Pack    project, having more options, especially in a disaster, is always better...  Solar is just another tool in your toolbox; another way to get power if other options are not available.  It is NOT able to replace all the power you likely use every day at home, but it can be enough to help you stay alive until you find AC power again.  It can also be used in small every day applications.  Just don't expect it to run your hair dryer.   When looking for solar panels, I made a laundry list of several must-have features: 1) The panels had to be light; 2) they had to be flexible; 3) they had to be waterproof; 4) they had to work in low / poor light; 5) they had to be easily "paralleleled" to allow more current.  The ones made by    PowerFilm    fit the bill, and then some.  They are amazingly durable.  Check out    this video    and see for yourself.  I was so impressed by their panels, I became a PowerFilm dealer so I could get a better price on them. The picture above shows two 21 watt rollable panels wired in parallel (42W total) on the top of my truck, held down by super strong    neodymium magnets   .  They've been up there since December 2010 without any problems.  During peak sun, I should be able to squeeze about 2.7 amps of current out of them to charge my battery packs.  They weigh only 1.42lbs each, and are 60.75 x 14.5 inches (~60.75 x 28 inches for the two shown).    Other than buying them from me, the lowest price you'll find these 21W panels is $270 each.  Look around, then come back here.  As a dealer, I must order six at a time in order to receive a discount -- so, I can't afford to accept orders from customers who want to buy only one of them.  If you're willing to order two or more, I can sell them to you for $240 apiece.  I rarely keep stock on hand that isn't already earmarked for a customer, so orders might take a couple weeks to fill.  Please e-mail me before placing one.  $495  (two 21W rollable solar panels, plus one paralleling cable; also includes 15ft extension cable with ring terminals and DC socket adapter)  
Solar SUV #2
Solar SUV #3

Solar SUV #1
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